Andreas Bjørn Hansen

IBM - US Open

Role - Animation
Studio - Buck

For US Open 2015 hosted in New York City, Buck worked with IBM and Ogilvy & Mather to visualize some live data from the tournament. This time, it was all about the Big Apple. We made an assortment of animations featuring tennis balls, hot dogs, and competitive peregrine falcons… all to connect the dots with data comparison from the US Open. Over 30 individual videos were made for the whole tournament.

I put together this 30 second teaser with help from Gonzalo Menevichian. The idea behind was to repurposing some of the scenes we had already made for the individual vignettes and take the tennis ball on a tour through our illustrated version of New York City. Below you can find the credits list for the whole project.

Here are some of my favorites vignettes that I had some fun animating.

Animation: Myself  -  Design: Kyle Strope

Animation: Myself  -  Design: Nicolo Bianchino

Animation: Myself  -  Design: Yker Moreno