Andreas Bjørn Hansen

IBM Maintenance Management

Role - Art Direction, Design, Animation
Studio - Buck

In collaboration with our friends at Ogilvy New York we made a handcrafted series of stop motion videos, highlighting the simplicity of IBM’s latest management software “Maximo SaaS”. It was especially fun to see our furry friend Gary come to life.


Directed By: Buck
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Creative Director: Daniel Oeffinger
Art Director: Andreas Bjoern Hansen
Head of Production: Kitty Dillard
Production Coordinator: Jenny Morris
Design: Rasmus Bak, Andreas Bjoern Hansen, Yker Moreno, Daniel Oeffinger
Lead Fabricator: Emily Suvanvej
Fabrication: Soomin Oeffinger, Jeff Shepherd, Junko Shimizu
Lighting/Photography: Rasmus Bak
Animation/Composite: Rasmus Bak, Andreas Bjoern Hansen, Daniel Oeffinger, Fede Reano